About Jim

I’m a writer, consultant, and I teach college courses.

I have a PhD in Education and a Master’s in the area of social psychology. My PhD dissertation looked at why organizations crash and burn. I’ve been certified as a family life educator, a marriage enrichment educator, and I have a black belt in Karate (and various colors of belts in other martial arts). Some of my areas of interest are leadership, creativity, the psychology of learning, and meaning in life.

In the past, I’ve been a program director running graduate programs, an assistant professor of organizational management, an associate dean of human services, a director of Christian education, an editor, family life educator, entrepreneur, and had a variety of other roles.

I’ve taught courses in creativity, educational research, leadership, ethics, meaning in life, organizational behavior, child development, and family science.

Personal hobbies include healthy cooking, genealogy, reading, lawn work, working out, and being a husband and father.

Below are a few of the books I’ve written. Here is my full publication list.


Strategy 101: An Introduction and Guide

This book provides an overview of strategy for the beginning strategist. It takes the mystery out of strategy and introduces how it can help us in business and in life. This book looks at the definition of terms, history of strategy, schools of thought, and tasks in the process of strategy. It provides an easy-to-follow introduction of strategy with the use of comparisons, stories, and history. It is $3.99 on the Amazon Kindle.



Getting Along: Teaching Social Skills to Children and Youth

Written for adults working in out-of-school time, this book first discusses the need to build social skills in children. It goes on to describe the seven social skills that all kids need, and then the three ways to teach those skills to children. It is available on the Amazon Kindle for $3.99.



Church Dramas for Lent

Holy Week at the Jerusalem Cafe is a six week set of dramas, about 12 minutes each. It focuses on a particular cafe in Jerusalem, with a group of patrons: the grumpy owner, the jolly regular, the pharisee and his wife, the Roman soldier. As they reflect on the events each day of Holy Week, they struggle with the question, “Who is Jesus?” This set of dramas is available on the Amazon Kindle for $3.99.

The second set of dramas is called Conversations at the Pearly Gates. These six dramas use the pearly gates as the setting, with St. Peter, the newly deceased, and others. The light, sometimes humorous dramas underscore the role of grace. This set of dramas is available on the Amazon Kindle for $3.99.




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