angry-cat Topics in Problem-Solving: You got a Problem?

This short monograph is an introduction to problems and problem-solving. It defines the terms that will be used in the problem-solving series.



Topics in Problem-Solving: The Medical Model

There are two primary models that we use when we solve problems: the systems model and the medical model. While the medical model is much more common, it has limited viability as an effective framework for problem-solving.



Three Tasks of Leadership: Starring Christopher Columbus

This articles explores the three tasks of effective leadership, using Christopher Columbus as the illustration and metaphor. Leadership is explored through these three tasks.




The Myth of Efficiency

Many organizations confuse efficiency and effectiveness. The blind pursuit of efficiency can hinder innovation, eliminate creativity, and create a place that is void of humor and humanity.


Leadership Styles and Employee Attitude

This article is based on research conducted by Daniel Goldman, regarding how the style of the leader affects the morale, attitude, and motivation of the employees. Six leadership styles are highlighted, with the effects of those styles on employees.   oo



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